Reunion is a WI4/M4 mixed climb at Chapel Pond, Keene Valley.  Mixed climbing involves “dry-tooling” as well as standard ice climbing.  As you can see, the ice is thin or non-existent in certain parts of this climb.  It is required to use the ice tools and crampons directly on the rock in this case.  That…

Chapel Pond Canyon

The Canyon – ice climbers flock here from all over the North East.  Easy access, adjacent to the main show on Chapel Pond, this location is filled with lots of established ice climbs ranging from WI2 thru WI5.  Climbers pictured are on Hot Shot (WI4), Ice Slot (WI4) and an unnamed WI4 in uber-fat conditions….


Commitment and pushing limits, regardless whether you are new to ice or on-sighting M11, this outing reminded me that the ice will meet you and push you where you are, physically and mentally. A beautiful day running laps, taking photos, and some coaching with good friends.